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Finally it is possible to build your server pages in genuine C/C++ !!!

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What is It ?

"C Server Pages" is One efficient and Scalable Application Server written in C/C++, which powers web server pages written in C++ and Templates with Dynamics Elements embedded. You can use the approach you prefer or both.

What is it for ?:

C Server Pages are for building internet sites and exploiting them :

  1. You can use your favorite C/C++ libraries to integrate any system on the web.

  2. You can build your business objects using C++, in one actual independent way, and launch them to internet.

  3. Your pages can be the CORBA clients for any ORB in the market because you write C/C++ directly.

  4. Your pages can reach the main databases on the world, ORACLE, SYBASE, INFORMIX, ODBC etc. and/or a device driver in your system.

  5. It is possible to use professional tools for compiling and debugging the code: g++, gdb, xxgdb, Sun Workshop etc.

  6. It is possible to use C Server Pages as a base platform for more complex Application Servers which run Java or Javascript

Where does it runs on ?

It runs over linux system.Versions for another operating systems will be available very soon. Since it is built from scratch using genuine C/C++ code it is portable to any Unix Systems.

Who can Use It?

Every one who knows C/C++ language can write pages. C Server Pages are free for system integrators and Web Site Builders.

Any company who wants to launch its business to internet, electronic commerce, electronic banking, home banking, business to business applications etc. can use C Server Pages as platform to build these applications.

System Integrators who want to develop easily one more specialized platform can use C Server Pages as a basic platform.